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Ever since our law firm switched to Sierra MSP in early 2017, we have been saving over 20% per month on our telecommunications bill.  Our staff has experienced increased productivity thanks to the feature-rich and user-friendly VoIP phones.  The connection quality is fantastic and dependable.  Anytime we contact Sierra MSP, they are prompt in responding to us and competently attending to all VoIP needs.  The difference between working with a local company versus a large corporate monopoly is night and day!  Breaking free from the corporate telecommunications company has been a game changer.  Sierra MSP has proven to be a professional, reliable, and knowledgeable company more than capable of servicing our law firm’s telecommunication needs.  Our experience has been incredibly positive.  Our firm highly recommends their services to any business looking for an excellent telecommunications company.
Sandy L. Connelly

Lawyer, Law Offices of Brian P. Connelly, Auburn CA

We are a small business and wanted to utilize a more flexible method of setting up our phones.  As a small business owner, I had to find time to cram in the activities of searching out options.  We were too small for larger companies, to include the telephone companies.

The larger companies’ VOIP solutions are very one-dimensional and very generic.  They did not have the flexibility we were looking for.  I found out about Sierra MSP through my son-in-law whose office had used them for VOIP phone service. Sierra MSP was a godsend!  They were able to totally customize a solution and even provided recommendations based upon what we wished to accomplish.

An unexpected bonus of moving to VOIP was that we substantially reduced our phone bill.

We also moved into Managed IT Services contract.  Our office relies heavily on technology in order to have the foot traffic that generates our revenues.   Our back office grinds to a halt with router, internet, PC or other phone issues.  The managed services with Sierra MSP ensures that we never have downtime: Which is something a small business owner does not have time for, especially when the system going down causes extra work!

We recently underwent a vendor audit around security of IT systems and with Sierra MSP’s help and expertise, we passed the audit.  Just another way Sierra MSP helps us do business.

Sierra MSP was one of the best business decisions we ever made!

Tom Econome

Owner, Collection Plus, Sacramento CA

We have been working Sierra MSP for over 5 years for IT related work as well as our VOIP provider.  Sierra MSP provides the highest level of customer service of any of our vendors.  When we have a problem, they respond quickly, when we need them to set up a new system they are there when needed.  They have been invaluable in providing new hardware recommendations and keep us current and up to date with our technology.

We also use Sierra MSP for our telecommunications.  They handled all aspects of the conversion, helped us select the phones and we have been saving $300 / month ever since.  The few times we have had problems with our system, they respond immediately.

Eric Bryant

Owner, Bryant Management Company, Granite Bay CA